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Join the Ghana Science Association and become part of a vibrant community of scientists, researchers, and professionals dedicated to advancing science and technology in Ghana. As a member, you will gain access to a range of benefits, including networking opportunities, exclusive events, research support, and professional development resources. By joining, you can contribute to shaping the future of science in Ghana, participate in decision-making through voting privileges, and engage in advocacy efforts to promote scientific education and innovation. Don't miss out on the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, broaden your knowledge, and make a meaningful impact on the scientific community. Join the Ghana Science Association today and embark on an exciting journey of discovery and collaboration.


GSA Membership Application Form

There are five categories of membership, namely, Full, Life, Associate, Corporate and Honorary.
Full membership is open to all scientists, Engineers, Mathematics, Technologists, Medical practitioners and anybody interested in the promotion of science.

Life membership is open to Full members who have paid their subscription for 20 years or pay 10 years subscription upfront or at any time pay to make up a total of 20 years subscription.
Associate membership is open to students.
Corporate membership is open to firms and other corporate bodies.
Honorary membership is conferred on Ghanaian or non-Ghanaian who have been a source of inspiration or distinguished benefactors to the Association.

Attend meetings of the Association for regular knowledge-sharing interactions with scientists and industrialists.
Receive attestation and recommendation from the Secretariat for contracts etc.
-Receive information from the Secretariat on consultancy and other opportunities.
-Publish their research papers in the journal of the Association at a rebate.
-Attend conferences, workshops etc. at a rebate.
-Receive privileges as the NEC may from time to time determine.

Full and Life Members


Participate in Decision-Making

Have the right to vote in election of officers of the Association and are also eligible to serve as officers or as members of the National and Branch Executive

Complimentary Journal Access:

Are entitled to free copies of the Association’s organ of publication, the Journal of the Ghana Science Association

Networking Opportunities

Connect with professionals, scientists, researchers, and industry experts within the scientific community in Ghana.

Access to Exclusive Events

Attend specialized seminars, conferences, workshops, and symposiums organized by the association, providing opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Recognition and Awards

Get a chance to be acknowledged for your outstanding contributions to the field of science through awards, grants, and honors.

Advocacy and Representation

Participate in initiatives and activities that aim to promote science education, research funding, and policy advocacy at both national and international levels.

Who can Join?

The Ghana Science Association welcomes individuals from various backgrounds who have an interest in science and its applications. The association is open to scientists, researchers, academicians, educators, students, professionals, and anyone else who shares a passion for scientific exploration and advancement. Membership is available to both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians, with different categories tailored to accommodate different levels of involvement and engagement. Whether you are a seasoned scientist, a budding researcher, an educator, or simply an enthusiast, you are encouraged to join the Ghana Science Association and contribute to the promotion and development of science in Ghana.

To Become A Member

  • Complete membership form and submit.
  • Pay your dues and you have become a member.

We welome all applications

The time to apply is now!

  • Call Now: 0302732605
  • Airport Residential Area
  • Accra

When To Apply?

Step 1

Complete the Membership Form & Submit

Step 2

Pay your dues and you have become a member.

Step 3

Receive Membership Letter and Documents

Click on the button to toggle between membership categories

Local                                                       Foreign 

Full Member

Entitled to all benefits as a full member
¢ 240
  • Opened to All Persons
  • Enjoy All Privileges
  • Attend Programs at a Rebate

Associate Member

(Postgraduate Student)
¢ 60
  • Opened to Postgradute Students
  • Enjoy Some Privileges
  • Attend Programs at a Rebate

Associate Member

Undergraduate Student
¢ Free Annually
  • Opened to First Degree Students
  • Enjoy Some Privileges
  • Attend Programs at a Rebate

Corporate Member

Enter your description
¢ 288
  • Firms and Corporate Bodies
  • Enjoy Special Privileges
  • Partnership with GSA

Outside Ghana

Entitled to all benefits as a Full Member
$ 150 Annually
  • Opened to All Persons
  • Enjoy All Privileges
  • Attend Programs at a Rebate

Outside Ghana

Opened to all Students who are Non Ghanaians
$ 80 Annually
  • Opened to All Foreign Students
  • Enjoy All Privileges
  • Attend Programs at a Rebate
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